Wednesday, April 8, 2009

California & Vegas

Hello Family and Friends!!

I know, i know. It has been a bit tough to stop and take the time to sit at a computer monitor and write, but Ville and I are alive and doing awesome!

For those do not know, my boyfriend, Ville, and I are on the road across the country. Ville is a Scandinavian stallion from Finland and flew to Bend for 6 weeks after he finished his International Business Degree and waited on me graduating. I FINALLY finished up my degree in Liberal Studies on the 17th of March and we headed off in my sweet Toyota for a road trip across America. We have to be in Washington D.C. by the 24th of April for a flight to Costa Rica for some more travels.

So far...we have stopped at Crater Lake, stayed in Medford a couple days to stay with friends and fam (thanks so much for the warm bed/food and fun times) and made our way down the Hwy 1 to the Redwoods. We camped in rain (where we realized my old camper shell is not quite as air tight as we thought, but we both can swim and were back on the road). From there we made it to San Francisco for a few days to stay with friends I use to live with and I gave Ville the whirlwind tour of his life ("Kristen, can we please sit for a minute in the park?" "NO!, there is NO time. Must...keep...going!") and after some hiking, freak watching, and cable car riding, we were back on the road to Big Sur where we camped for a night, hiked, and ate an amazing breakfast at Neptune (Must See, this place was amazing) and drove the 1 to San Louis Obispo to stay with my aunt.

After a great breakfast with my aunt and uncle and a jam sesh on the guitar for Ville and my uncle, we hit the road and continued to Aguira Hills in L.A. to pick up race stuff and camp out roadside in the back of the trusty Toyota. Woke early for our first Half Marathon that went swell and spent a week visiting bunches of family, friends, Disneyland, Cal Adventure Park, Laguna Beach, and L.A. freeways (YAH!). On to Las Vegas and had the best time for the last 4 days with Lisa (my sister) staying at Mandalay Bay poolside, sightseeing, people watching, and watched a Cirque De Soleil show (again a MUST SEE). Yesterday we left Vegas to stop for pics at the Hoover Dam, and on to Sedona, Arizona where we camped last night. Today, we are off to the Grand Canyon and as far as we can get to camp for a few days in Utah.

Miss and love you all. Write when you can and don't expect a super quick response, but know that I miss you guys! Thanks to all we have see so far and letting us stay and spoiling us rotten. Keep in touch, i will do my best!

Back to the road...

Kristen Grund and Ville Jokinen

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