Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Utila, Honduras

Finally! A new post...

I left off in Panama City where Ville and I ended up staying for a while because it was a great city and we made some great friends that kept us. There was a great boardwalk along the bay and we were able to run every morning and night ( a treat with our crazy schedule.) The Panama Canal was amazing! The day we went we were able to watch a huge cruise ship go through the locks. We ate so much great food there and the running helped to keep me from rolling down the streets ( thank you Crepes and Waffles, the new greatest food place ever.) We did head down to Chitre and Las Tables for a couple days to hang out on some Pacific beaches and found them not quite as picturesque as the Caribbean, but beautiful. There are also quite a few Americans down there buying up property like hotcakes, apparently it is the new Costa Rica. Back to Panama City, last run to Crepes adn Waffles, and we booked flights to Honduras.

While checking into our flights, we realized there was a slight mistake and they had put us in first class. Yep, that´s right, with the high rollers. Before they could even change their minds, Ville and I were walking down the red carpet first onto our plane. It was awesome. We took about a million pictures to capture the moment as a bunch of onlookers wondered, ¨how the hell two bums could afford First Class?¨ Well, these 2 bums of course. Never having flown First Class, we ate a big dinner before getting on our plane and realized that on our two flights, we got fed twice! Yep. And Ville, as you all know, was not about to let an oppertunity to let free food in First Class slip by and ate both. And the deserts.

We stayed a night in San Pedro Sula and bused it up to La Ceiba where we were forced to stay a night due to bad weather and the ferry not running. The next morning we made it an hour ferry in giant swells, to Utila Island. Once on the ferry they handed out bags and, being the great sea faring pirates we are, declined. Of course, everyone else got sick and we were tramatized, but made it unscathed. A week was spent doing some amazing diving, swimming, snorkeling, sunning, and relaxing. I was able to complete my Advanced PADI Certification for Diving and Ville did a bunch of fun dives with me. Our favorites were the Night Dive and the Halliburton Shipwreck. It was really cool to swim through a sunken ship a hundred feet at the bottom of the ocean. There was even a giant green moray eel in the ship. We saw tons of sea life and Ville even found a bike to ride at the bottom of the ocean on the night dive.

This morning we caught the early ferry to miss the bus, but booked the bus and are now staying in La Ceiba and leaving early morning on the next bus to Antigua, Guatamela. We hear great things and are pretty excited. Will get some pics when I figure out how to download them and will keep the updates coming.

Bye for now!

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